Medical Esthetics by Katie

Medical Esthetics by Katie

WHERE TO FIND MEDICAL ESTHETICS BY KATIE Medical Esthetics by Katie is a private skin transformation clinic located in Uptown New Westminster, a setting where her clients find both comfort and expertise while receiving professional skin consultations, innovative treatments and customized product recommendations. Katie understands not only that how we look affects how we feel but how to erase the barriers that separate the two. Warm and caring, she takes pride in working personally with each of her clients to develop a personalized treatment plan focused on realistic and satisfying results - results that build trust and long-term relationships. To get started on your skin health journey and receive a bespoke treatment plan and homecare prescription that is perfect for you, book an Advanced Skin Health Transformation Consultation or an Acne Skin Health Consultation today! MEET MBK BESPOKE SKIN HEALTH PROGRAMMING Your skin health and the components required for its optimal function are yours and yours alone which is why Katie developed MBK Bespoke Skin Health Programs. Coupled with professional modalities selected for your specific needs, every professional treatment and product recommendation is individually generated, based on an in depth analysis. Always staying a step ahead of the competition, with ten years of experience Katie takes pride in offering you the latest advancements in cosmeceutical formulations, not because they’re trendy, but because they honor skin physiology and the ability to restore your skin's optimal health. She now carries MBK Clinical Skin Solutions, her own line of custom formulated clinical skincare and makeup products, Elta MD sunscreens, Environ Skincare, and Bend Skincare. “Much like snowflakes, every skin is different and will respond differently to certain medi-facial treatments. That is why I will always tailor your medi-facials based on your skin health needs and goals. MBK Bespoke Skin Health Programs are well known to rebuild the skin and to achieve the best results for skin conditions like premature aging, acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation.” Katie

Katie Marshall

Certified Medical Esthetics Practitioner/Owner
Katie Marshall In an industry heavily characterized by the promise of transformation, the ability to stand out and prove one’s skill has been not only championed, but perfected by Stenberg College Surrey, BC graduate Katie Marshall for over 10yrs. Name an area of skin rejuvenation, Katie has grabbed it by the reigns and made it her own, training to the most advanced extent available within the medical esthetics field and not just treating, but coaching her clients to success.

MBK Esthetician Coaching

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Your 1st appointment is a Skin Health Consultation!

MBK Bespoke Skin Health Programs

MBK Holistic Gua Sha Medi-Facial

MBK Ultimate Dermaplaning Medi-Facial

Elapromed Customized Medi-Facial Treatment

Environ Ionzyme DF II Medi-Facials - *Skin Essentia Homecare recommended*

Environ Body Sculpt Treatments

Acne Skin Transformation Treatments

Enhance Your Eyes (Brow/Lash Tint & Henna Brows)

Hair Loss Treatments for Men & Women

Skin Classic Treatments for Skin Tags, Milia, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Seborrheic Keratosis etc

Ladies Facial Waxing

Ladies Upper Body Waxing

Ladies Lower Body Waxing

Men's Upper Body Waxing

Medical Esthetics by Katie

Suite #501 - 625 5th Avenue, New Westminster Professional Building, New Westminster


11:00am - 7:00pm
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Medical Esthetics by Katie

Suite #501 - 625 5th Avenue, New Westminster Professional Building, New Westminster


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